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Lutheran Girl Pioneers logo
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Our logo reflects our desire to be recognized as a Christian organization, thus the cross of Christ is the focal point. It is also meant to symbolize our motto which is "Loyal to Christ".

The WHEEL behind, represents our first logo- the spinning wheel. It reflects the purpose of Lutheran Girl Pioneers - to train girls in the basic principles of life. The circle also indicates the unity of those who are true to our motto "Loyal to Christ." It is a symbol of our rich heritage and a legacy of the women who began our ministry and to those who now seek to lead the new generation of girls in our churches.

The DOVE represents our soaring into the future, through the power of the Holy Spirit, with these basic life principles.

Connecting these two symbols is the CROSS OF CHRIST. While Lutheran Girl Pioneers may change, grow and develop, the message of the cross never changes! We, the women and girls of the Lutheran Girl Pioneers, are united in Christ and Loyal to Him.