How the LGP works

There are five levels, based on age, in the Lutheran Girl Pioneer program. Girls proceed through the various levels, increasing their knowledge and ability as they grow older. 

kindergarteners, first, and second graders
third and fourth graders
fifth and sixth graders
seventh and eighth graders
high school age girls

high school aged girls who are ready to start helping lead the caravan

The activities and requirements for the Sunbeam, Traveler, Trailblazer, Homesteader, and Spinner levels can be found in the Girl's Handbook (find it here) and each take approximately two years to complete. As a new caravan you will receive a library which will contain suggestions for work schedules, teaching aids, resource materials and devotional helps which will aid you in helping the girls to achieve this. 

Over and above the level requirements, SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENTS can be worked on by the girls in several areas, such as babysitting, chemistry, computer coding, ecology, dramatics, handicrafts, gardening, and weather (just to name a few!). Girls can work on Special Achievements on their own, or the entire caravan can work on one (or two) of them together during the year.

The recongnition system is a CHARM BRACELET. Girls earn charms for completing level requirements and special achievements that are available through the online store (find them here).