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How the LGP works

There are five levels, based on age, in the Lutheran Girl Pioneer program:


SUNBEAMS For first and second graders (sometimes kindergarteners). The girls participate in fun activities through the "Explorer", "Friends", "Helpers" and "Funmaker" categories.
TRAVELERS For third and fourth graders.
TRAILBLAZERS Generally fifth and sixth graders.
HOMESTEADERS Generally seventh and eighth graders.
SPINNERS Mainly high school age girls.

The activities and/or requirements for the Sunbeam, Traveler, Trailblazer and Homesteader levels each take approximately two years to complete. As a new caravan you will receive a library which will contain suggestions for work schedules, teaching aids, resource materials and devotional helps which will aid you in helping the girls to achieve this.
Over and above the level requirements, SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENTS can be worked on by the girls in several areas, such as babysitting, ecology, drama, sewing, handicrafts, gardening, and art.

RECOGNITION SYSTEMS for completing level requirements and special achievements are also available through the national office. Your caravan may choose to use one or all of them or in some cases, none. The choice is really yours. The options are: a charm bracelet with corresponding level and achievement charms, a framed certificate with decals or a certificate of achievement, which you fill in when requirements have been completed.