Membership info
Each girl in your caravan will become a member of an international organization when she joins Lutheran Girl Pioneers. She can look forward to enjoying many activities with her friends, but will also join a sisterhood of 7000 girls that span nearly four generations, all with one common goal: remaining "Loyal to Christ'.

Her membership will allow her, through the newsletter and district and national activities, to meet other Lutheran Girl Pioneers just like her who are having fun and learning new skills, all in Christian fellowship. The benefits she receives from our ministry go beyond the fun, fellowship, and learning that she experiences and extends to her family, church and community.

MEMBERSHIP FEES are the backbone of our not-for-profit organization as we receive no synodical dollars. The membership year for Lutheran Girl Pioneers runs from August 1 through July 31 of each year. Annual membership fees are due at the National Headquarters by October 1. You will want to remember to include not only the national fee per girl, but also your local operating expenses when you set the fee for membership in your caravan. The national membership fee helps us to maintain and strengthen the leaders in your caravan by improving our training and teaching materials and providing service and support to them.

2023-24 Registration Forms 
or you can register and pay online by clicking here

Each caravan is unique in how it is funded. Most generally the membership required of each girl is submitted by her parents. Some caravans receive all or partial financial support from the congregation's general fund or are sponsored by an organization within the congregation such as Ladies Aid or a Men's Club. There exists no hard and fast rule as to how you finance your program.
Please email or call the National Office for more ideas on how to finance your caravan.