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    Pine car derby
Pine car derby
Lutheran Girl Pioneers all over the U.S. and Canada love pine car derbies! You can participate in local, district, and national races. 
The 2020 Internaional Pine Car Derby was hosted by Caravan 619 at St. Martin's Church and School in Watertown, South Dakota on Saturday, September 19 (postponed from April due to COVID-19). A huge thank you to everyone who helped out, from craft judges to tech people, from the canteen workers to the clean up crew! 

Winners' Circle:
6th place  Lillianna M.
5th place  Kaylee M.
4th place  Ella B.
3rd place  Abby S.
2nd place Danielle L.
1st place  Katie S. (who also broke a track record for speed-- 220 mph!)

LGP Craft
6th place  Aquila P.
5th place  Anna S.
4th place  Adalyn P.
3rd place  Skye B.
2nd place Grace M.
1st place   Evelyn E.

Sunbeam Craft
6th place  Olivia L.
5th place  Avalyn K.
4th place  Emilee F.
3rd place  Kadee K.
2nd place Emilia P.
1st place  Amelia P.

People's Choice: Evelyn E.

Congratulations to all our racers and crafters! To God be the glory for the talents He gave each of you!

Save the date for the
2021 International Pine Car Derby
Saturday, April 17, 2021
Lake Mills, Wisconsin

The Rules: /home/180019404/180019404/Images/Updated rules 2020.pdf

Parents- If your caravan doesn't have a local race, you can still participate in your District's race! Call your Caravan Counselor, District Counselor, or the the National office. You can order a car kit for your girl at the LGP Store.