I saw a snowflake today.  A real, falling-from-the-sky snowflake. I suppose, being in Wisconsin, we can consider ourselves lucky that we haven't had any snow yet (it is, after all, November 1st today!). There's still a lot to do before we get snow, though! Lawnmowers have to be put away for the season, flower beds prepared for winter, snow tires put on cars. But, the snow doesn't always wait for us to be ready!

Such is God's timing. His timing is often not ours. His agenda often doesn't line up with ours. We want what we want when we want it- nothing else will do. But, how loving is our God when he reminds us: Slow down. Sit still. Listen. Wait. 

Those are not the easiest things to do, yet they are. It's much easier to sit still then run to six sports practices a week. Then, why do fight it? Why do we feel we must always be moving, always be busy, always be talking, always be rushing? My opinion? The 24 hour news cycle, the constant pressure of social media and "keeping up with the Joneses," the guilt we place on ourselves if we don't have the perfect home, the perfect marriage, the perfect children. 

Martin Luther once said (and I'm paraphrasing), "I've so much to do today that I will begin my day with three hours of prayer." Martin Luther knew the benefits of slowing down, sitting still, listening, waiting. We know it too, even though we may not put it in practice as often as we would like. 

Even though we may not like to wait, remember that God will give you what you need when you need it. Slow down. Sit still. Listen. Wait. God is speaking to you through his word. He is working all things for your good right now! He will accomplish his work through you, in his own time. Be patient. 

If you like winter or not, you know that winter doesn't last forever. Eventually Spring will come, the sun will warm the earth again. God knows what he's doing. Trust in him, and in his timing. That's all you have to do. 

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