I may be a bit of a softy when it comes to Christmas nostalgia. I tend to romanticize events and past gatherings. It's just who I am. Truth be told, I know in my mind that Christmas time is never perfect: children complain about their itchy new clothes (even though they look so darn cute!!), parents feel guilt when they don't have enough money to purchase that expensive gift, widows can't even muster enough "holiday spirit" to put out a tiny table-top tree. 

This life is a cycle of ups and downs, of highs and lows. We may even reach those highs and lows all in the same day! But as Christians, even at our lowest, we know we are not forgotten widows. We are not childless parents. We are not homeless. We are not without riches. Maybe our hope and joy this year will be shrouded by earthly sorrows, but even through our tears, know that you are not alone. You are never alone. Your Savior, that tiny baby born in a stable on dark night, is always with you. He came to this sinful world to bring light to those living in darkness. And what a light He is! A light, not only for God's chosen people, but a light for everyone-- even Gentiles! 

What a gift God gave that night. The gift of eternal salvation-- not because we are so great or can do anything to earn it. Nope. A totally free gift given by a loving God to all of the earth. Imagine the angels singing! We will all someday be with those angels in heaven-- we'll hear their glorious song with our own ears! We will live for ever in heaven-- no tears, no sorrow, no guilt, and no pain. What a gift! 

So no matter if you're like me and want to turn every Christmas event into a Hallmark-like movie or if you chose to celebrate the birth of our Savior in a quieter way, it doesn't change God's love for you, and Jesus' commitment to always being with you. 

What a gift. What a glorious gift.