Sometimes we hear the adults at church talking about things that we may not understand. On Wednesday, we start a part of the church year called LENT and that may be a word you hear but don't really know what it means. 

Lent is the forty day journey, not including Sundays, to Easter. The first day of Lent is called Ash Wednesday and this year it's on February 17. Ash Wednesday reminds us that we are dirty with sin (think of smearing ashes across your forehead-- what a mess!). We are able to wash the dirt off of our hands, but can we wash the sin off of our hearts? Nope! No one can! We are unable to get rid of our sins on our own and God knows this. We need help! Our help comes from Jesus! Ash Wednesday reminds us that we need a Savior!

Lent, too, reminds us that it was the entire world's sins (yours, mine, all people of all time) that sent Jesus to die on that horrible cross! Lent is a somber (somber means sadness and bitterness and melancholy) time in the church year. We don't sing or say "Alleluia", we sing sad hymns. We do this not so that you are in despair over your sins. We do it so that we don't forget the amazing love of Jesus!! 

And Jesus' love is amazing. He didn't have to rescue us. He didn't have die a criminal's death. He did it because he loves you so much that all that pain was worth it to him to make sure you get to go to heaven with him!

So, take the time this Lent season to feel sorrow and sadness for your sins. But, don't hang out in that sorrow too long! There's no need to! Your sins have been forgiven by your best friend in the entire universe! Your heart is clean! 


Staying Loyal to Christ, Christine