We all love to make an art project! And springtime is the perfect time to bust out those paints, materials, and papers and get creating! 

1. Set up an outside art studio. All you need is colored pencils and paper! Find a comfy seat, and draw whatever you see. You can pick a tree, a section of a garden, or even the sky! If you're really daring, bring a watercolor paint set with you and paint what you see. 

2. You can use a variety of materials to paint with. To make a small bunch of flower blooms, rubber band together six or eight cotton swabs. To make a big, puffy cloud, use a cotton ball. Ask a parent to help you cut a sponge into the shape of a tulip blossom and stamp an entire garden of tulips! Even paint brushed onto bubble wrap can be stamped onto your canvas to make a unique background. Can you think of other things you can use to paint with?

3. Finger painting isn't just for babies! Using masking tape, create a design on your paper. Finger paint over the entire paper. Remove the tape when dry. 

4. Rock painting: Find smooth rocks (don't take them from anyone's yard!), wash, and dry. Using acrylic paint or sharpie markers, decorate the rocks. You can give as gifts or (with permission) place in your garden. 

Happy Crafting!

Your Friend, Christine