Birds are so fun to watch! What's your favorite bird to watch? We get indigo buntings here and they are beautiful with a capital B! If you want to  check them out, click here:


You can help the birds in your yard by making a bird feeder. What you'll need to make one bird feeder:

1 empty toilet paper roll; Peanut butter; Bird seed, on a plate; A butter knife; Yarn, about 18 inches long

To make: Thread the yarn through the toilet paper roll, tying the ends together to create a hanger. Carefully, spread peanut butter all over the paper roll. Roll the peanut butter covered roll in bird seed until all the peanut butter is covered. Hang in a tree and watch what kinds of birds it attracts.

I pray your summer is going well and I'll talk with you soon!

Your friend, Christine