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Pine car derby
Summer camp


LGP Calendar of Events
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Sun. 7/28 - Tues. 7/30
LGP Booth at WELS Women's Conference, Ingleside, Pewaukee, WI

Sun. 7/28 - Sat. 8/3 Camp Bird, Crivitz, WI - LGP girls and leaders
LGP International Summer Camp

Fri. 8/9
Nominations to 2024 National Council Election Slate Closed

Sat. 8/10
Nomination for National Council slate closed.

Fri. 8/16
LGP Employee Performance Evaluation Conducted with ED

Fri. 8/23
Election Slate and Ballots, Amendment Ratification Forms, and all other Convention documents sent out to membership.

Sun. 8/25
REMINDER - Lynne & Ahnsharee - Article deadline for Sept./Oct. Guide

Thurs. 8/29 6:30 p.m. CDT
LGP National Council Meeting

Mon. 9/2
Labor Day

Fri. 9/20
Registration Deadline for Convention 2024

Sat. 9/28
Mail-in election ballots and amendment ratification votes must be received by this date

Fri. 10/4 - Sun. 10/6 St. Paul's Franklin, WI
70th Anniversary International Convention

Fri. 10/4 9 AM CST
LGP National Council Meeting

Mon. 10/14
Canadian Thanksgiving / Columbus Day

Sun. 11/3
Daylight Savings Time Ends

Mon. 11/11
Veterans Day (US) / Remembrance Day (Canada)

Thurs. 11/21 6:30 PM CST
LGP National Council Meeting

Thurs. 11/28
Thanksgiving Day

Sun. 12/1
First Sunday in Advent

Tues. 12/24
Christmas Eve